• Basic Movement Control | DUE March 6 11 PM

  • Basic Action Control | DUE April 24 11 PM

  • Beyond Basic Motor Control | DUE May 16 11 PM

Motivation and Goals

When first exposed to journal papers, students often have two reactions: (1) I don’t understand a word of this, please can I have my textbook back? (Answer: no, because the textbook is wrong). And (2) it’s published, so it must be true. This is nonsense.

Papers are, in all probability, wrong. Do not defer to authority, but be constructively sceptical – ask of a paper basic questions: “do the claims follow from the actual results?”; “What could have been done better?”; “What could be done next?”.

We need to remember a simple truth: Every paper is an idea – it says “hey look at this, this could be cool”. Not “This is The Truth.”