Summative Assessment

Summative AssessmentΒΆ

The assignments will be released on a rolling schedule approximately 1-2 class sessions after the material has been covered in class to allow you time to review and ask questions before receiving the assignment. I have tried to make the release dates on Friday and the Due dates on Thursday (but note interruptions due to University breaks). Once the assignment is released, you may not discuss the questions nor any relevant course content with each other. Any questions about the assignment must be directed to the Instructor or the TA.


Release Date

Due Date (midnight)

Components of Behavior, Observation, and Analysis

Feb 17 (F)

Feb 24 (F)

Phylogeny and Evolution

March 3 (F)

March 10 (F)

Neural, Hormonal, Genetic, and Development

April 7 (F)

April 14 (F)

Understanding Behavior1

May 4 (Th)

May 10 (W)


Note the abnormal days of the week due to end of semester.